Anal Magic Tricks

  • Directed By: SecretCrush
  • Cast: Scarlet Chase
  • Runtime: 2 hours 8 minutes
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Street Date: May 24, 2023
  • Ship Date: May 17, 2023
  • UPC: 746183031157
Scarlet Chase's friendly beauty and kinky sexuality have made her an Internet sensation. The hard-bodied Australian blonde blends wholesome charm and playfully freaky lust in scenes produced by Secret Crush. Abracadabra — her flexible asshole makes things disappear in the six stylish solo scenes of "Anal Magic Tricks." Scarlet twerks on a table, flaunting spectacular legs and tush. Her big boobs and pierced nipples show through the sheer one-piece she wears with sky-high heels. Scarlet impales her butthole on a special dildo that pumps out sticky, white lube! A mess of viscous fluid drains from her winking anus, and she licks up the slop! She mops up lube with her top, wrings it out and then stuffs it into her bunghole! Pulling it from her distended sphincter, she dons the soaked, twisted garment! Her bald pussy ejaculates gushers of girl squirt, soaking herself and the surroundings. Bikini-clad Scarlet shimmies her bubble butt amidst the waves crashing on a beach. She rolls up her top and packs it into her butthole, followed by a chrome butt plug. The naked doll wades into the water. Back on land, a dildo crams her cunt till she squirts girl juice like a fountain! She stands to masturbate while looking out over the ocean. Scarlet's sphincter slowly squeezes out the balled-up fabric, puckering and prolapsing! Atop a round bed, Scarlet teases in bikini lingerie. She plunges a variety of gadgets into her hungry rectum and tastes a butt plug ass-to-mouth. Her bunghole squeezes out a cherry red dildo with a flood of lube that soaks the sofa! Red-lipped Scarlet wallows in the mess, laps up excess slop and massages the goop into her skin. Wearing knee-high athletic socks, ponytailed Scarlet teases in an outdoor, woodlands setting. She bunches up her shorts, douses them with lubricant and then inserts them into her backdoor. Scarlet's gash splashes girl cum. She frigs her clit till her rectum launches the soaked hot pants! Scarlet shows off her luscious, plug-smuggling anal orifice as she makes her way through the forest. She uses skimpy hose to masturbate. Next, Scarlet soaks her torso and pubic mound with shiny lube and jams rolled-up underwear into her derriere. She unclenches slowly, squeezing out the lacy, lube-soaked finery. Scarlet clutches the wet undies to her chest and waves goodbye. In the final scene, Scarlet rocks the sexy teacher look: black skirt, white blouse over her big rack, and librarian glasses. She peels off her hose, and her asshole pushes out a plug, followed by an enormous purple dildo! Scarlet balls up her frock and shoves it into her bunghole. She pulls her stockings back on and applies a vibrator to her labia. Using her folded specs, she gets herself off, gushing a geyser! Secret Crush's "Anal Magic Tricks" is a single-disc DVD with cast list.

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