Oral Transfixions

Because watching TS blowjob action is almost as fun as sucking a pretty girl's boner, director JD presents "Oral Transfixions." Across nine fast-paced scenes, sexy, heavily hung T-girls share one-on-one fellatio fun with intrepid studs and pretty cisgender females, and the movie delivers a pair of TS-on-TS BJ hookups. Trans cutie Jane Costa strokes her big cock. Her man Dante Rodrigues worships her with a tasty head job. Jane spreads her cheeks and shoves her asshole in his face! She sucks his meat, her head bobbing. He swallows her load, and he splooges on her tight abs. Transsexual tart Kimberlly Soares kisses cute cisgender lady Larissa Leite passionately and squeezes Larissa's naturally big tits. Spit drips from Larissa's lips as she services Kimberlly's dick in a horny frenzy. Larissa sups up Kimberlly's cream. Luscious, curvy TS Gabriella Ferraz and cute, blonde cis girl Barbara Alves look hot in lingerie. Gabriella fucks Barbara's mouth. Barbara gives Gabriella a rim job, kisses her balls and gulps down she-semen. Flashy, braided blonde trans bombshell Larissa Olympio whips out her huge, hard girl-cock for horny stud Liu Gang. He kneels to blow her; tears stream down his face as she thrusts! Liu masturbates as he suckles, and Larissa returns the favor, slurping his prick. He eats hot jizz. Tattooed TS Isabela Fontanelli flaunts her plump rear; longhaired trans doll Indianara twerks her bodacious butt. The girls exchange slick suck jobs. With a leg over Indianara's head, Isabela plunges her she-shaft deeply down Indianara's throat. The T-babes jack off together, trade cum facials and swallow sperm! Flashy, busty TS Babi Honey jerks her meaty treat and rubs her big boobs in strappy lingerie. Dominant Babi fucks adventurous male Alex Vitor's mouth aggressively. Wearing high stilettos, the glam T-dame stomps on his chest! He tongues Babi's sphincter, making her gasp. Babi hungrily eats his rod. She shoots a creamy wad onto Alex's tongue. Slender, cute Kimberlly returns for an oral date with lithe trans babe Marcelle Herrera. Marcelle beats off as Kimberlly's girl pole pokes her tonsils. Kimberlly decorates Marcelle with messy jism. Marcelle consumes cum, and then provides a spunky facial for Kimberlly. Bodacious transsexual Isabella Fontana stretches her sculpted legs. Tattooed dude Bad Wolf lovingly kisses her glans. Her hard tool packs his throat, and he slobbers on her sac. Isabella takes a turn, sucking with puckering lips and a swirling tongue. Bad Wolf laps her pulsing anus. Semen soaks Bad Wolf's moustache, and he swallows with a smile. Dark-skinned TS Mia Bahia fondles her she-schlong through her legs, making it diamond-hard. Alex worships her sweet bunghole. When he jams her joint down his gullet, her body shakes in lusty bliss. He shoves a dildo into Mia's rectum. Spit and sperm splash his face! JD's "Oral Transfixions" is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.

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