Big, Hard And Beautiful 5

Ten seductive, delicious TS temptresses flash their special charms in the solo masturbation scenes of "Big, Hard And Beautiful 5." Pretty faces smile; bikini bottoms bulge; and big, bouncy boners pop forth, ready for lots of caressive attention. Every scene starts with seductive tease and climaxes with a stiff she-cock ejaculating semen! Longhaired Latina TS Bianca Berbare rubs the bump in her red bikini. The lush-lipped, tattooed trans girl's awesome bubble butt and fleshy scrotum peek from beneath a G-string. Her money maker bounces, no hands, and points straight up. Through a wicked smile, Bianca displays and spreads her freaky, split tongue! Wearing stylish black lingerie, tan-skinned, longhaired Rayca Lima pulls out a thick, impressively big cock. Rayca spit-lubes her "she-rection" and crams a thick dildo up her butthole. She gasps and strokes herself as she rides the fat toy. Lube leaks from her anus as she squeezes the jumbo phallus in and out. Pretty, petite transsexual Deborah's dirty blonde hair falls down to her ass. The leggy trans beauty's sheer, red undies match her lipstick and Santa hat! She teases by her Christmas tree and masturbates, gripping her swinging sack. Her dick head expands as she nears orgasm. Striking Kalliny Nomura, a tan, tattooed stunner, shows her lovely legs, big boobs and huge backside in a "super heroine" get-up. Talking dirty, she looms over the camera in a POV shot, inviting you to suck her imposing, curved erection, and suggesting that you want it in your ass! She fucks a clear masturbation sleeve, pretending it's your asshole — her she-prick is almost too thick to fit inside. Kalliny beats off intensely, repeatedly talking about you fucking and sucking her. Tan, tattooed Rosy Pinheiro has long, black hair, glittering eye makeup, lush lips, big tits, huge rear and an intriguing package. She peels down her panties to splay her giant, deeply cleaved bottom. Rosy tugs her ball bag to touch her smooth sphincter. She pumps thick, creamy she-sperm onto her tan skin and rubs it in. Knockout T-girl Pietra Radi's terrific, trim physique features lovely legs, curvy breasts with big nipple hard-ons, and an awesome, tan-lined tush. The frosted brunette wears dramatic makeup. She shakes and twerks her booty — we get a hot view from behind as she jacks her big meat. Her cheeks, bunghole, and the super-hard rod below fill the screen. She ejaculates a mess of syrupy spunk. Lean Aline Garcia wears high-heeled, thigh-high leather boots and lacy lingerie tugged up into her crack. Intriguing flaps of skin appear from beneath her panties. Aline jerks practically in your face as she makes sexy eye contact with the camera. She showers herself in jism that runs down her nuts. Redheaded TS Bianca Ruiva's penis head and each testicle peek from a different corner of her panties. She handles her thick tool as it points from beneath her arse. Check out her naked booty clapping. She tastes her cum on her finger. The parting shot is wetly kinky. Marcela Dimov's fair skin is heavily tattooed, and piercings adorn her nose, tongue and lip. Legs split, she licks a nipple as she pumps her curved pecker. Sabrina Neves is a T-stunner with a lovely face and a jumbo derriere. She tastes her undies and hangs them on her bone as she massages it. She penetrates a sleeve, and we can see her pink penis hole inside. Sabrina spews seed onto her tan skin, tastes it and blows us a sexy kiss. In seven of these scenes, a climactic instant replay shows the cum shot from a different angle! Evil Angel's "Big, Hard And Beautiful 5" is a single-disc DVD with cast list and filmographies.

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